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Dr. Cosmas Ho, M.D., C.C.F.P.
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Many companies use my research to promote the benefits of their products and I've found that so many of my own patients and customers have asked me, "Which product is yours Dr. Ho?"

I am offering authentic Dr. Ho Marine and Seal Oils for sale through my website.

Our products now contain ONLY Pharmaceutical Grade Seal Oil and Marine Oil

We are one of the FEW producers of OMEGA 3 PRODUCTS,
to offer you Pharmaceutical Grade oils.

The oil extracted from the body tissues of Harp Seals contains various impurities such as mercury, PCBs and other contaminants. To ensure that these toxins are removed to a level that is far below acceptable standards, the seal oil goes through a process termed Molecular Distillation. This process removes all the impurities such as mercury, metals and PCB’s from the oil and makes it a purer product that is safer for human consumption.

How will you know they're my authentic product?

1) Ordering directly from my Product Line ensures you are receiving Genuine Dr. Ho Omega 3 products.

2) Starting 2009, each and every one of my Seal Oil capsules will have the Dr. Ho Seal of Authenticity stamped right on the capsule.

3) Every bottle of Dr. Ho's Seal Oil capsules will bear our company's unique NPN seal of approval, as issued by Health Canada
  • Dr. Ho provides verified medical results from his patients
  • Dr. Ho's company produced the first edible seal oil for humans
  • Dr. Ho is referred to as "the father of seal oil," by health journals and the news media
  • Dr. Ho is recognized throughout the world, and throughout China, as the pioneer of seal oil research, for his discovery of the valuable components of Omega-3 PUFA's.
  • Dr. Ho's personal guarantee: Dr. Ho's products contain only

  • Dr. Cosmas Ho is a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) in Canada for over 35 years
*Pharmaceutical Grade Oils*
4.7% DPA
8.9% DHA
7.6% EPA
Triple Omega 3
Marine Oil
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Pharmaceutical Grade
Triple Omega 3
Seal Oil
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Arctic Omega 3
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Dr. Ho Omega 3 Supplements
23mg DPA
45mg DHA
38mg EPA
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