• Symptomatic improvements in Type II diabetes including diabetic neuritis.
  • Symptomatic improvement in mobility, joint pain and swelling as a result of osteoarthritis. One osteoarthritic patient who had been taking seal oil capsules for a period of 6 months was also observed to have had a major improvement in her complexion and decreased evidence of age related wrinkles over her face. Family members also noted her marked improvement.
  • Improvements in elevated blood pressure.
  • Decrease in serum triglycerides in the blood.
  • Reports of a decrease in the volume of gray hair.
  • Improvements in 'fatty liver' conditions. This was particularly noted in China where fatty liver conditions are more prevalent than in North America.
  • Improvement in symptoms associated with enlarged prostate.
  • Very satisfactory results in acne patients, although it is noted that such good results are not occurring as frequently in China, likely due to other dietary factors.
  • A case of a male patient with a 25 year history of severe and chronic acne rosacea whose symptoms have improved significantly with a daily regimen of seal oil.
  • Significant clinical improvement in psoriasis.
  • Improvement in cases of depression. One patient with a profound depression for 10+ years showed significant improvement.
  • A case of terminal liver cancer with ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity) showed significant reduction of fluid buildup with large doses of seal oil.
  • Improvement in symptoms of migraine headache in all age groups. A case of a 5-year-old child showed drastic improvement in headache, which he suffered from daily.
  • Marked improvements in fatigue levels in a patient with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.
Dr. Ho's Omega 3 - Clinical Observations

Throughout my years of research, I have compiled the following objective medical
evidence through clinical observations. My patients,  following the recommended
dosages of Omega 3 Plus Dietary Supplements have shown marked
improvements in their associated conditions.

Please note:  The following clinical data has been accumulated over varying periods of time. Time frames for noticeable results in each patient depend on the severity of each patients associated problems. I have chronicled more of                  this information in the book.

Patients have occasionally reported a slight fishy after-taste from taking the capsules. This seems to be the only side effect I have encountered, and any patients reporting this have said it was minimal.

In conclusion, having spent many years in the research and study of essential fatty acids and their benefits to human health, it is my opinion that a well balanced diet, rich in Omega 3 is much more conductive to good health than one incorporating only Omega 6.

Omega 3 Plus, which contains THREE essential Omega 3 fatty acids - DPA, EPA, DHA - is a superior form of Omega 3 and is an ideal dietary supplement.
Dr. Cosmas Ho   M.D. , C.C.F.P.